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A few words about our island

The island of the father of Medicine Hippocrates, inhabited since 3,000 BC. Meeting center of all the important ancient Greek cultures, the western and eastern civilizations of the Mediterranean. A fertile island whose rich production could feed 200,000 people according to Homer. The dense vegetation, the abundant waters, the gentle shores and the extensive beaches, form an ideal holiday environment that is maintained at a high level thanks to the care of its inhabitants and the infrastructure that was developed and evolved to protect the natural environment.

With this history of five millennia and the visible influences from different cultures in every part of the island over the centuries, Kos today is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Aegean and the Mediterranean: an island that the visitor, with a little good mood and , mainly, with knowledge, can spend his best holidays. This is confirmed by the approximately 1 million visitors of the island who come and come every year to the island for their holidays from all over Europe and from many other countries of the world.

Its wonderful extensive beaches, its natural beauties but also the almost daily events with local traditional color offer unlimited possibilities for entertainment and relaxation. Its historical monuments, remnants of different cultures, churches, its unique architecture and the internationally renowned Asclepieion are important sights worth visiting. The city of Kos is an open archeological park that coexists harmoniously with the modern aesthetics and the rhythms of the tourist development and the multicultural presence.

Kos is located in the center of the Dodecanese and is the third largest island in area after Rhodes and Karpathos and the second largest after Rhodes in population (33,388 inhabitants). The international airport, the port, the marina, the transport and the sea communication of Kos with all the neighboring islands are comparative advantages and the conditions for easy movement and access from everywhere.


The abundance of small islands that surround it as well as the Turkish coasts provide the possibility of short daily getaways to a number of places with special natural features. However, what makes Kos stand out at all times and is a front-line tourist destination in Greece and the Mediterranean, are its people. Those who, with their family businesses, have managed to find the golden recipe to offer you peace, hospitality, fun, local flavors and unique experiences.